Numerous unit cards will offer special abilities. These are divided into two types:

  • Traits, that are always in effect (listed below).
  • Special effects detailed in plain text that usually take effect on Deployment (placing in the Support line).

Trait listEdit

Name Icon Description
When an Alpine unit is deployed or added it gets +1+1 for each other Alpine unit you control.
When attacked this unit deals its damage first. If the enemy unit is destroyed it deals no damage back.
Unit can operate (move/attack) the same turn they come into play.
Does something when played from hand.
Unit can attack twice each turn.
Adjacent units can't be attacked except by bombers and artillery.
Guarded Unit can only be attacked by bombers and artillery.
Heavy Armor {0} Unit receives {0} less damage when attacked by other units.
Mobilize Unit gets +1+1 at start of its turn. Unit loses Mobilize when damaged.
Passive Effect
Affects the game rules in some way while in play.
Unit that is pinned misses its next possible Operation (movement/attack).
Unit misses its next possible Operation (movement/attack).
When a unit retreats from the frontline, move it back to its owner‘s support line. If the support line is full or the unit is retreating directly from the support line, send it back to its owner‘s hand.
Unit cannot be attacked until it has moved or attacked.
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