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Resolute Defense is a Supply Order in Kards - The WWII CCG.


The Dornier rammed by Holmes falling on Victoria Station, 1940.

On September 15, 1940, now known as “Battle of Britain Day”, the Luftwaffe launched its largest attacks on London, but were defeated by RAF Fighter Command. That day RAF pilot Ray Holmes was flying his Hawker Hurricane fighter when he spotted a formation of three Dornier Do 17 bombers lining up to attack the royal residence of Buckingham Palace. Holmes managed to shoot one of them down and chase another one away, but a third Dornier was still heading towards the palace. When Holmes went in for the attack his machine guns failed to fire, but not giving up, he decided to ram the bombers rear and by this he managed to cut off the rear tail section of the enemy aircraft and the Dornier went down. After the ramming Holmes lost control of his Hurricane, but managed to bail out to safety before it crashed. This incredible event was caught on film and afterwards it became one of the defining moments of the Battle of Britain.


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