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QF 40mm Mk III is a Anti-Air Gun in Kards - The WWII CCG.


RAF Regiment crew mans a 40 mm Bofors anti-aircraft gun, Normandy, France, 1944.

The QF 40mm Mk III gun, also referred to as the Bofors gun, was a Swedish made anti-aircraft auto-cannon designed in the 1930s. During WWII it was used in most theatres by the Allies, but also to some extent by the Axis powers. The QF 40 mm Mark III variant (QF stood for quick firing) was the standard light AA weapon of the British Army and considered vital in the defense of Britain and the Commonwealth countries after the fall of France. By the end of the war over 19,000 units had been produced and a small number of these weapons remain in service to this day.


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