Me Bf 110 is a Heavy Fighter in Kards - The WWII CCG.


Hist ME BF 110

ME Bf 110 in flight, 1943.

The Messerschmitt Bf 110 was a twin-engine heavy fighter and fighter-bomber developed by the Germans in the 1930s and used by the Luftwaffe during WWII.  It was armed with two MG FF 20 mm cannons, four 7.92 mm (.312 in) MG 17 machine guns, and one 7.92 mm (.312 in) MG 15 machine gun or twin-barrel MG 81Z for defense. The aircraft served successfully in the early campaigns, however it lacked agility in the air which was a vulnerability that was exploited by the Allies during the Battle of Britain. After the Battle of Britain the Bf 110 served successfully as an air superiority fighter and strike aircraft, but by 1944 it was no match against American air supremacy.


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