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Manchester IA is a Medium Bomber in Kards - The WWII CCG.


Avro Manchester in flight, ca 1939-42.

The Avro 679 Manchester was a British twin-engine medium bomber developed and manufactured by the Avro aircraft company. The aircraft was the forerunner of the famous four-engine Avro Lancaster, but due to various failures it was not manufactured in great numbers and production was terminated early on in the war. Many technical issues with the aircraft were encountered, and although variants were produced in order to address these issues, the Manchester was considered too unreliable and it was withdrawn from operations in mid 1942. Due to the many technical issues, Bomber Command was often unable to raise significant numbers of the aircraft to participate in large scale bombing missions. For example, out of a force of over 400 bombers sent on a mission to bomb Berlin in November 1941, only 15 were Manchesters.


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