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L6/40 is a Light Tank in Kards - The WWII CCG.


Italian L6/40 light tank in Yugoslavia, 1943.

The Fiat L6/40 was a light tank designed and produced by Fiat-Ansaldo and used by the Italian Army and the German Wehrmacht from 1940 and throughout WWII. The tank was used by the Italians in the North African Campaign and on the Eastern Front, and later in the Balkans Campaign and during the defence of Sicily in Italy. The L6/40 had a crew of two (commander/gunner and driver), a main armament of a 20 mm Breda 35 gun and a secondary armament of an 8 mm Breda 38 machine gun. The tank was produced until 1944 and a total of 283 units were built. A few variants were made, such as a flame tank, command tank, ammunition carrier, armed only with a single 8 mm Breda machine gun, and finally a Semovente 47/32 which was a self-propelled gun.


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