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Iosef Stalin Ii is a Heavy Tank in Kards - The WWII CCG.


IS-2 tanks of the Soviet 1st Byelorussian Front, Poland, 1944.

The Iosef Stalin II was a Soviet heavy tank of the IS series and used by the Red Army during and after WWII. The IS-2 tank was designed in 1943 and was first used in service in 1944 and was solely assigned to the Red Army's elite Guards Heavy Tank Regiments. They were often deployed to the frontlines and were mainly used to spearhead and support infantry assaults on fortified positions, but they could easily take out enemy tanks when required. The IS-2 had a crew of 4, a main armament of a D25-T 122 mm gun and secondary armament of 1x DShK and 3x DT machine guns.


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