Fortified Position is a Tactical Order in Kards - The WWII CCG.



French soldiers inside the Maginot Line fortification, 1940.

Prior to WWII the French had built the heavily fortified Maginot Line along the German borders. Although the bulk of the invading German forces managed to bypass the defenses of the Maginot Line, they did attack a few of its fortified positions. The German 16th Army attacked a fortified sector called “petit ouvrage” La Feré, southeast of Sedan, and backed up by heavy artillery fire they managed to take the fortification in 4 days. Another attack was made near Wissembourg, which the French defenders managed to stop, but for most parts there were only small skirmishes along the Maginot Line. In the end all the defenders of Maginot Line were ordered out and taken as prisoners of war.


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