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"Not a step back! -Order 277"

There are 7 Soviet Union card types in Kards - The WWII CCG.

The standard British roundel.


Russian Infantry[]

  • Infantry Units are usually weaker units, but are more cost effective and stronger early-game

Russian Tanks[]

  • Tank units are often quite strong, but are more expensive and better late-game.

Russian Artillery[]

  • Artillery Units can attack while not in the frontline, but are weaker than most units and usually cheaper.

Russian Fighters[]

  • Fighter Units can attack while not in the frontline and stop bombers from attacking other units in the same row, but can be more expensive. They are crucial to stopping bombers.

Russian Bombers[]

  • Bomber Units can attack while not in the frontline, and usually have high damage. However, they cannot attack ground units if there is an enemy fighter. Bombers also cannot counterattack when attacked by an enemy Unit.

Russian Orders[]

  • Order Cards are cards that vary in cost, and have special effects. Order Cards are crucial to winning a game.

Russian HQs[]

  • HQ Cards is the most important card in your deck. If your HQ is destroyed, you lose the game. Currently, HQ Card types are only cosmetic.

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