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"There are 40 cards in a deck, each one crucial to winning."

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There are 5 Cards by set in Kards - The WWII CCG.[]


Base Set[]

  • The base set is the first set that was released with the game, and includes the 5 main powers; Soviet Union, Germany, USA, Japan, and Britain. The base set was released on April 12th, 2019, along with the beta version of the game.

Allegiance Set[]

  • The Allegiance set was the first expansion set for Kards. When it released it introduced the first two Ally Nations; Italy and France - into the game along with new effects such as Alpine, Resistance, Mobilization. It also brought in multi-choice cards such as Carrier Cover. Allegiance released on December 10th 2019

Breakthrough Set[]

  • Breakthrough introduces 81 new cards for collection for the 5 major nations (Japan, Soviet Union, United States, Britain and Germany,) and for 2 ally nations (France, Italy). Breakthrough includes additional new features, like the Pincer attack ability or the ability to steal enemy units (such as Confusion), and significantly expanded the array of tactical options available and bring the game experience to a new level. Breakthrough released on Dec 9th 2020.

Legions Set[]

  • Legions introduces 84 new cards for collection for the original 5 major factions (Japan, Soviet Union, United States, Britain and Germany) and for 2 ally nations (France, Italy). When it released it introduced Poland as a new ally nation along with new key words, Exile and Intel. Legions significantly expands the array of tactical options available and signal a new era for KARDS. Clever new tools allow players to challenge opponents and dominate the battlefield with tactical skills and strategic thinking. Legions released on May 31st 2021.

Theaters of War Set[]

  • Theaters of War introduces a whole new game mode, 40 new cards for collection after completing each phase of the campaign, 8 unique cards for 3 of the 5 major factions (Japan, Soviet Union and United States), and 7 cards for the remaining 2 (Britain and Germany). 1 unique card was given for France and Italy aswell. Theaters of War is a single-player PVE campaign played out in historical scenarios, where players take on special objectives in a challenging environment that constantly challenges their skill and resolve. Theaters of War released on June 30th 2020.

World At War Set[]

  • World At War heralds the introduction of a new KARDS content release schedule, with smaller, themed releases more frequently than the previous large expansions. The first World At War was themed around the Battle Of Britain, and featured 7 new cards for Britain and Germany, as well as a balance patch. World At War releases are scheduled for each month from January 2022. World At War released Thursday, November 18th 2021.

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