Achievements in Kards are gained as you play the game and reach various thresholds.

General Edit

In the Army Now Draft a deck
War of Attrition Run the enemy out of resources
Clear Objectives Finish {0} daily missions
Frontline Hold the frontline for {0} turns
Overrun Move {0} units to the frontline
Army Intelligence Trigger {0} countermeasures

Deployment Edit

Ground to air Deploy {0} anti air units
Tank Hunters Deploy {0} anti tank units
Artillery Support Deploy {0} artillery units
Airborne destruction Deploy {0} bombers
Aces Deploy {0} fighter units
Foot Soldiers Deploy {0} infantry units
Armored Fist Deploy {0} tank units
Mountaineer Deploy {0} units with Alpine
Surprise Tactics Deploy {0} units with Ambush
Blitz Tactics Deploy {0} units with Blitz
Furious Assault Deploy {0} units with Fury
Stand Fast Deploy {0} units with Guard
Plates Deploy {0} units with Heavy Armor
War Preparation Deploy {0} units with Mobilize
Smoke & Mirrors Deploy {0} units with Smokescreen

Damage Edit

Death & destruction Deal a total of {0} damage
Burning Skies Deal a total of {0} damage to air units
Meat grinder Deal a total of {0} damage to ground units

Player rank Edit

Promotion Reach Lieutenant in any nation
Army Life Reach Captain in any nation
Career Soldier Reach Major in any nation
Leader of Men Reach General in any nation
Theater Commander Reach Field Marshal for any nation
Chief of Staff Reach Field Marshal for Britain
Reich Marshal Reach Field Marshal for Germany
Grand Marshal Reach Field Marshal for Japan
Marshal of the Soviet Union Reach Field Marshal for Soviet
General of the Armies Reach Field Marshal for USA
Among the Elite Reach Officer Club {0} times

Victory Edit

Domination Win {0} intense battle without losing a single unit
For the King Win a draft with Britain
Blitzkrieg Win a draft with Germany
For the Emperor Win a draft with Japan
Mother Russia Win a draft with Soviet
Land of the Free Win a draft with USA
Ten Hut! Win a match in draft mode
Guardian Win from a position of strength
Victoria Cross Win {0} battles as Britain
Iron Cross Win {0} battles as Germany
Expedition medal Win {0} games as Japan
Hero of the Soviet Union Win {0} battles as Soviet Union
Medal of honor Win {0} battles as USA
Order of Victory Win {0} battles in a row
Victory Medal Win {0} battles
Safety First Win {0} intense battle without your HQ taking any damage
Tactical Prowess Win {0} drafts
Military Genius Win {0} drafts with no losses
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