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554th Rifle Regiment is a Infantry in Kards - The WWII CCG.


Soviet assault troops during the Battle of Stalingrad.

The 554th Rifle Regiment was attached to the 138th Rifle Division of the Red Army during WWII. It served as a standard rifle division but was converted to a mountain rifle division for two years, then back to a rifle division. The 138th fought in the Finnish Winter War, the Battle of the Kerch Peninsula and the Battle of Stalingrad. After that the division took part in the Belgorod-Kharkov Offensive Operation and then the Korsun Shevchenkovsky Offensive. It ended the war in eastern Czechoslovakia with the divisional honorific "Carpathian", the Order of the Red Banner and the Order of Suvorov. The 138th Division was disbanded after the war in 1945.


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