3rd Alpini Regiment is a Infantry in Kards - The WWII CCG.



Troops of the Alpini Corps marching, Greece, 1940.

During WWII the 3rd Alpini Regiment was part of the Alpini Corps of the Italian Army and specialized in mountain warfare. In 1940 the regiment was part of the Taurinense Division that fought in the Italian attack on Greece (Greco-Italian War). In 1941 the division was stationed on garrison duty in Montenegro where it stayed until the armistice with the Allies was signed in 1943. In 1944 the regiment was recreated, and with the 4th Bersaglieri Regiment it formed the 1st Italian Brigade of the Italian Liberation Corps, which fought with the Allies. After suffering heavy casualties the brigade was merged into a single infantry regiment of the Polish II Corps and fought its last engagements with the British 8th Army near the river Idice in Italy.


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